About us


Brief  Band History

WALTANJAZZ, is a quartet founded in
January 2004 in Milan with the idea to
mix the most classic jazz languages
together with the typical melodies of the
French musette waltzes and the rhythms
of Argentinian tango, leading to a fusion
of Waltz, Tango and Jazz, hence the name.
After an initial period characterized by
live performances, where the band was
mainly inspired by the music of
authors such as Richard Galliano, Astor
Piazzolla, Enrico Pieranunzi and others,
WALTANJAZZ have devoted themselves
to the re-elaboration of sonatas, classical
music, concerts and songs from the
Swedish folk tradition, all merged by a jazz
harmonic pattern.
WALTANJAZZ, thanks to the different
musical formation and experiences of
each individual member of the band, is
today a music collective, committed to the
composition of original songs, where jazz,
classics, European popular melodies and
modern music languages, blend together
in an homogeneous manner, leading to an
unique and personal soundtrack.